Open to all women aged 30 and over

Show us your beautiful side, we’re looking for beautiful ladies with beauty and personality.

A special category recognising that age is just a number and that beauty can be found in all walks of life. Miss Asiana 30’s is open to all women aged 30 and over.

Beauty should not be defined or limited by age. The Miss Asiana beauty pageant recognises that ladies in their thirties are still in their prime and can be inspirational role models for other women of the same age.

Our Thirties Category doesn’t look at just physical attributes, but achievement and resistance to challenges too. Both of our 2019 winners – Farzana Begum who won the Miss Asiana Inspiration Model award and Sadia Rajah who was awarded the Miss Asiana Inspirational Woman award – showed a combination of strength and beauty and were crowned at a glittering ceremony at the Asiana Bridal Show in Birmingham.